DVB2000 Settings Editor

I've just finished a first version of a new settings editor for Dr. Overflows fantastic DVB2000 software. Anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about should first take a look at his site. It's good to know that Uli restarted his work on DVB2000. He did a fantastic job supporting AC3 and a new design of DVB2000 will follow soon.

The people who know about the software will ask why I wrote another editor for the settings. The reasons are simple. I didn't like them and not all of them are Freeware. So I've started writing DVB-SED and it's far away from beeing perfect.


DVB-SED v0.3.1 released!

The following picture shows the editor using the List-Mode...


This picture shows the Edit-Mode.


The last picture shows how you can edit the Favourites.


Here you can download the latest version (v0.3.1, 03.10.2001) of DVB-SED and the old Help-File. Please email me your opinion, suggestions and bug reports.


10.04.2000, v0.1.4: First release
11.04.2000, v0.1.5: double-click on cell switchs to Edit-Mode; recognizes corrupt settings-files
18.04.2000, v0.1.6: SCSI support; Firmware update; General settings up-/download; Changed export routines
20.04.2000, v0.1.7: DVB-SED has it's own logo (thanks to TheWaldi); now it's possible modify the settings in case you have selected a specific service type to display, 3 new buttons to switch between the most used service types (all types, TV, radio)
25.04.2000, v0.1.8: Additional stuff and bug fixes (read the included history)
27.04.2000, v0.1.9: Additional stuff and bug fixes (read the included history)
04.05.2000, v0.2.0: It includes some bugfixes, new key strokes, Popup-Menu and now it's possible to load the last loaded settings automatically on startup
19.05.2000, v0.2.1: I forgot to upload this one....SORRY. Now the channel zapping should work properly
12.09.2001, v0.3.0: Allows to edit your favourites. I made some bugfixes. The zapping is not working properly
03.10.2001, v0.3.1: Bugfixes, changed the LCD font, zapping (SCSI only) and support for the parental lock

Last update: 03.10.2001

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